Sales ranking of listed rubber manufacturers for March term 2016

We rated sales of major listed rubber manufacturers, having confirmed that their settlement for March term 2016 has been given in full.

First to third places were dominated by automotive parts makers due to the favourable sales of the automotive market in North America. In first place was Toyoda Gosei Co.Ltd. by the sales figure of 781,000,000,000 JPY (increased by 7.4% compared to the previous term), in second place was NOK by 746,100,000,000 JPY (increased by 7.6% compared to the previous term), then in third place was Sumitomo Riko Co.Ltd. by 424,400,000,000 JPY (increased by 5.9% compared to the previous term).

With regard to other automotive parts makers,  Nishikawa Rubber Co.Ltd. raised their ranking from eighth to seventh. Both Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co.Ltd. and Fukoku Co. Ltd. increased their profits even though their ranking remained the same as the previous year.

In contrast, two synthetic rubber manufacturers lost profits due to the reduction of sales prices associated with the deterioration of overseas markets and the reduction of raw material costs. JSR fell back from third place of the previous year to fourth place.

First to fifth place for growth rate was Showa Holdings Co. Ltd. (increased by 13.3% compared to the previous term), Okamoto Industries Inc. (increased by 9.3% compared to the previous term), NOK, Toyoda Gosei Co.Ltd, then Sumitomo Riko Co.Ltd.

Showa Holdings Co. Ltd. in first place expanded their finance business in Southeast Asia. For Okamoto Industries Inc. in second place, the increase in demand for automotive interior materials for North American market made a large contribution.

Issue Date: 2017-3-9

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