Sales profit ranking of listed rubber manufacturers for March 2016

The Following is the ranking of sales profits of major listed rubber manufacturers for settlement of March term 2016. Some companies increased their profits in comparison with the first term, but the five top ranked companies had no changes from the previous year.

In first place was NOK, which continued from the previous year. Their sales had decreased by 28.1% compared to the previous term due to the influence of previous year’s sales increasing by double, but they kept the lead by the sales figure of 48,300,000,000 JPY. In second place was Toyoda Gosei Co.Ltd. with a 2.9% increase compared to the previous term by the amount of 42,800,000,000 JPY.

There was a change with sixth place and below with the influence of automotive businesses in North America. Kinugawa Rubber Industrial Co.Ltd. raised their ranking from seventh to sixth place. In seventh place was Okamoto Industries Inc., who made rapid progress from tenth place.

Mitsuboshi Belting Co.Ltd. and Bando Chemical Industries Ltd. had also increased profits, but Mitsuboshi Belting Co.Ltd fell back from sixth place to eighth place, and so did Bando Chemical Industries Ltd. from eighth place to tenth place in relation to the growth rate. The order for the growth rate was Fuji Latex Co.Ltd. (increased by 261.8% compared to the previous year), Showa Holdings Co.Ltd. (increased by 235.3% compared to the previous year), Asahi Rubber Inc. (increased by 107.4% compared to the previous year), Achilles Corporation (increased by 104.3% compared to the previous year), then Okamoto Industries Inc.(increased by 80% compared to the previous year). Excluding Showa Holdings Co. Ltd. and Okamoto Industries Inc., the results show a large increase due to the recovery from the slack of the previous term.

Issue Date: 2017-3-9

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