Focus of the news : March 2017 Turnover Ranking of Listed Companies in the Rubber Industry

Turnover of 22 main listed companies in the rubber industry has been ranked after confirming their settlement of account for March 2017 had appeared.

While high Yen rate was giving impact and turnover of 12 companies out of 22 were decreased, there wasn’t fluctuation in comparison with the same term of the previous year, apart from the fact that 6th place (Nishikawa Rubber Co.,Ltd) and 7th place (Bando Chemical Industries,Ltd), and also 8th place (Achilles Corporation) and 9th place (Okamoto Industries, Inc.) were exchanged.

1st to 3rd places are all automotive parts companies, and although sales of Toyota Gosei Co.,Ltd in the 1st place, NOK Corporation in the 2nd place and Sumitomo Riko Co.Ltd all increased, their profit decreased mainly due to high Yen rate. 4th place was JSR Corporation and 5th place was Zeon Corporation that are both synthetic rubber manufacturer. JSR Corporation struggled with high Yen rate during the first half term, but steady demand and lower Yen rate during the second half term in comparison with that in the first half term resulted in giving them increased profit, that was only company that had increased profit within the top 5 companies.

Nishikawa Rubber Co., Ltd managed to come up 1 higher rank from the previous year as a result of increased profit from an increase of production volume of automobiles for both domestic and abroad.

The company that had the largest increasing rate was Sagami Rubber Industries Co.,Ltd in the 22nd place. Their healthcare business has extended for both domestic and abroad.

Issue Date: 2017-7-26

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