Focus of the news : March 2017 Sales Profit Ranking of Listed Companies in the Rubber Industry

In contrast with the fact that the ranking of turnover was not so different from the first half term, the ranking of sales profit underwent a considerable change.

Firstly, the first place of the ranking that was belong to NOK Corporation in the previous year has been replaced by Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd that was in the second place in the previous year, and that was first time in 3 years for Toyota Gosei Co.,Ltd to have made a successful comeback to the first place.

Sales profit of both companies were actually decreased, but Toyota Gosei Co.,Ltd managed to moderate the entire drop by increased sales effect and a decrease of start-up costs in Europe that brought an increase of profit in automotive parts business. Seal business of NOK Corporation has also increased by 2 digits, but the profit of electronic device parts business,etc. declined significantly, and that has led to a decrease of 2 digits as a whole.

Both Nishikawa Rubber Co.,Ltd and Nippon Valqua Industries,Ltd have managed to come up to 1 higher rank than the one in the previous year,  and their profit have largely increased. For Nishikawa Rubber Co.,Ltd, automotive parts business for the domestic market has been steady, and the profit of subsidiary companies in Mexico and Indonesia have improved. For Nippon Valqua Industries,Ltd, all of 3 segments, such as seal business, have made their profit increased.

The company that managed to come up 3 higher rank and become 17th place was Sagami Rubber Industries Co.,Ltd . The main reason for this rise was that their profit for the healthcare business increased largely by 122%.

Issue Date: 2017-7-19

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